“The seven paintings in FULL HONORS depict a ceremony that so many in our nation rarely contemplate or have the privilege of attending, the burial of a veteran on sacred ground. From the Caissons transporting the casket in the cemetery to the mother’s acceptance of the folded flag on behalf of a grateful nation, each scene in this cherished ceremony demands that we take a collective pause.

It’s that juxtaposition of verdant nature with the pageantry and color of the uniforms that gives the series of paintings a kind of hope in its gravitas. The faces of the service members in the paintings practically glow as if possessed by a sense of other-worldliness. The viewer comes away from this series with a sense of the enormity and the commitment demanded from those that serve. There is sadness in this final loss, but each painting also communicates the sense of mission, purpose and community.”

—Lee Woodruff, Co-founder Bob Woodruff Foundation

and bestselling author/journalist